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Off Grid Solar Power Systems For Your Home

It isn’t practical to build a home in a remote area unless you have a good source for electrical energy. With the invention of photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, the impossible has become possible. Off grid solar power systems open up the entire globe for habitation. There are even DIY PV panels for home use for those who would like to build their own system.

Solar energy is becoming a very viable option for thousands of individuals around the world. With government incentives, this industry is growing by leaps and bounds. A majority of new installations are in more highly populated areas, which make the regular systems a lot more popular. However, there are many areas in the country and around the world that are more remote. Many of these areas are not at all close to the grid. Off grid solar power is the answer in those situations.

Advantages Of Off Grid Solar Systems

There are a number of advantages of owning energy systems that are off grid. Regardless of where you want to live in the world, off-grid solar power can provide energy to your home or business. In some areas, you can pick up property very cheaply, because it is in an undeveloped region. By building a house or cabin in one of these areas, you can enjoy the same comforts that are offered by a city home that is powered by a utility company. The only difference is you don’t have an electric bill. Rather than pay the utility company an arm and a leg to pull their lines to your remote cabin, off grid solar power systems will save you an amazing amount of money.

With no moving parts, solar energy can be a source of electricity for a very long time without needing any repair service. One thing that is important with any solar system is to keep the panels clean. This will help them produce more power.

Think about it this way; with off grid power, you become your own electric company. The electricity you produce is created as Direct Current (DC) voltage. It is stored in a battery system when the sun is shining. As your electrical demand increases, it is converted to Alternating Current (AC) by your off-grid inverter, which allows you to energy your normal appliances.

One drawback of having a system that ties into the grid is its dependency on it to produce electrical power. Solar systems that tie into the grid have the advantage of the grid holding any overproduction of solar electricity, but if the grid goes down, that system goes down with it. Believe it or not, but grid solar systems have to have incoming energy from the grid to produce solar power. They synchronize with the power coming in. If power is lost to the home, it shuts down as well. But with off grid solar power, it doesn’t matter what happens with the grid system. Your off-grid solar system is completely self-contained. The batteries in the off grid solar power kits are used to store any over production of power. You can then draw from those batteries as your demand for electricity increases. Since the sun doesn’t shine during the evening hours, you can still enjoy your solar electricity throughout the evening.

Practical Applications For Power Systems Off The Grid

Off the grid solar power systems are ideal for extreme rural areas that have no access to a power company. One of the most popular countries for off-grid solar power systems is Kenya East Africa, where there are more off grid systems found per capita than anywhere else on the earth. Most of off grid solar systems are very small and are only used to power a few appliances and lights.

Whether your application is for solar energy for home use or for business, it is a good idea to compare the off the grid solar power systems to the solar grid systems. You may find the one of these off grid systems to be a more practical fit for your application.