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There are a number of green lighting solutions for your home or business, but what about your vehicle? There are some alternative fuel sources that may interest you as well.

Alternative Fuel Vehicles

When it comes to vehicles, with the rising cost of fuel, it is wise to look at alternative fueled vehicles. Hopefully solar powered cars will one day be for sale to the general public, but as of this time there are still some bugs to get worked out.

 There are electric cars on the market at this time. For a person who does short commute miles or travels close to home, this can be a viable option. These cars are friendly to the environment but take some time to recharge. You also end up using fossil power for the most part to charge them.

Hybrid cars have been a good alternative vehicle for many years now. Most hybrid cars are gasoline and electric, although there are other kinds of hybrids. If driven properly, a hybrid car can save at least 15% on fuel. Driving habits determine how much that savings is.

A great alternative fuel for vehicles is compressed natural gas (CNG). Natural gas is considered the clean air fuel. It burns cleaner than any fossil fuel and is a great alternative fuel source. We are seeing an increase in the number of cng vehicles for sale. When it comes to natural gas cars, there is only one 2012 CNG car for sale in the U.S. at this time. That car is the Honda Civic GX. There are a number of cng trucks for sale and many larger transport companies are switching their trucks to natural gas.